Anna Strong

R.N. (Registered Nurse)

C.C.H. (Certified Classical Homeopath)
Certified Meridian Stress Analysis Technician

Certified Body Talk Practitioner

Anna Strong is a Registered Nurse (1981) (Internal Medicine and Labor and Delivery) and an experienced integrative healthcare practitioner who is nationally certified in Classical Homeopathy.

She is a member of the Certified Classical Homeopaths Organization, Homeopathic Nurses Association and The National Center of Homeopathy.

Her first diploma in homeopathy was from The British School of Homeopathy and her second Advanced Diploma was from The Devon School of Homeopathy. She is the first of two nationally Certified Classical Homeopaths in Idaho. She began practicing homeopathy in 1997 in the USA. From there she went to Australia. While living in Australia, she worked at a Clinic for the Homeopathic Treatment of Children and also volunteered to help with the homeopathic treatment/rehabilitation of kangaroos, possums and wombats through the Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. After relocating back to the US, she was again in full swing doing homeopathic consults through her Remedy Works office.


Presently, whether it's finding a solution to a chronic, undefined illness or finding a solution to a belly ache - it is all within the realm of my work at Remedy Works. I have expanded my homeopathic field to also include the practical Banerji protocols and also to being able to scan for information with the QEST4/ASYRA BioMeridian/BioFeedback scanner. I am a Certified Meridian Stress Analysis Technician and a qualified  Heart Sound Recording technician,  In addition to private practice I have lead Homeopathic Study Groups through the National Center of Homeopathy and am qualified to teach/mentor students of homeopathy. I have pursued sharing the benefits of homeopathy through writing and speaking engagements.


I have lived 10 years in the private sector of Germany and 6 years in Australia.


Languages: English and German.

Disclaimer: Anna Strong is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat specific diseases. She works from a holistic perspective, in cooperation with each client’s primary care practitioner to promote health and relieve discomfort of presenting symptoms.

"My training to become a health professional started in high school where I enrolled in the Nurses Aid Certification program. Five days a week, from 9am-12pm, for my entire Senior year I was at the hospital training under the white-starched-nursing-cap-wearing, eagle eyed  Mrs. McGuire RN. After graduating, the hospital hired me to work on the Medical Floor. This income helped me put myself through nursing school at Brigham Young University. I also worked as a  private Nurses Aid/ranch hand and later on as a student nurse to pay tuition, etc. Once graduated, I worked at various hospitals on the Medical floor and then later I moved onto Labor and Deliver. I put my husband through Art Center College of Design school in Pasadena, CA while working at the La Cañada and Glendale Adventist Hospitals.

We never know where life is going to take us. I thought I would be in the US working in nursing until I retired, but life had a little (big) dog-leg crook in the road in store. My husband graduated in Industrial Design with a specialty in Auto Design. He had several offers in the Detroit area and a few in Germany. We decided to go on an adventure and moved to a little village, outside Cologne, Germany as he worked in car design in a nearby town....for ten years.

To make a long story short, our German pediatrician Frau Doktor Dürffer MD solved a 5 year bout of bronchitis, in our 5 year old child within 2 days with homeopathy. I guess, she, herself, was frustrated with the limits of conventional medicine and had started learning homeopathy. She had been working on this cough for 5 years and had previously said to us that maybe it would be good to take our little one to the North Sea or Switzerland for the change of air. "Maybe this will help her to not cough so much."

I will never forget the day she asked me about the cough, except this time, she wanted very exact information. "What is it that triggers her cough?" "It's whenever she takes a breath of cold air." She the opened up a big fat book and started searching and I thought, "Well, this doctor does not know very much!" (Little did I know  that the book is called a Homeopathic Repertory and that all homeopaths use it along with about a thousand other books because one can never remember it all!) She came to an answer and she got up and went to a  cabinet and opened it up and chose a little vial containing little, tiny sugar balls. She tapped some out into a tiny container and said, " Fünf Globulie, drei mal pro Tag für fünf Tage und dan ruf mich an." (Five pellets, three times a day for 5 days and then call me.) Inside my brain, I was rolling my eyes ,but seeing that we were out of solutions I did as she instructed.

We went home and I gave our little one these silly sugar balls that were not even the same shape and some were even stuck to each other! Within 2 days the coughing stopped and that was the day that changed my life! "What was in those balls and by what mechanism do they work?!" That was in 1991 and since that day, I have pursued tirelessly to learn the art and science of homeopathy. Homeopathy is a blessing to all living things. It gives us answers and takes away fear. It restores health. I'm so thankful to have gotten to know about it and to be able to raise our kids with it instead of conventional medicine. So safe. So non-toxic.

So, now you know my story. We spent 16 years out of the country. When moving, always, my remedies were air freighted along with our kitchen knives, pots/pans so that they were there when we landed. You can get through anything in life with a good kitchen knife, a good pot and homeopathic remedies. :)

There are so many ways to get well. The body is smart and can fix itself. Sometimes it needs a little support. That support is what I love to customize for you so that you can recover in a seamless and elegant way."


Most Recent Certificates of Completion for Continuing Education:


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Human Trafficking: Identification, Intervention and Prevention

Books Read:

Thyroid Healing by A. William

Foods That Heal by A. William

Foundations of Trophotherapy Vol l, ll and lll

Calcium Therapy in Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (broken-heart syndrome)

The Organon by Hahnemann

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The Principles of Art and Cure by Homeopathy by Roberts

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The Bowel Nosodes by Patterson

Colic and Lactose Intolerance by Shilo

Influenza and It's Treatment- Allopathic, Biochemic and Homeopathic by Bhatia

Disorders of Menstruation by Coowperthwaite

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Chronic Disease, It's Cause and Cure by Banerjee

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and many more....