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One day a patient came in with a mat that she used for grounding and for pain relief. I touched the mat and within seconds I could feel it working in my head! My ears popped and it felt like my head was clearing.

That's all it took for me to look deeper into this product and open my own online shop. (That's saying something because, after all, I am a Mom who only got up to Level 1 on Tetris.)

Kaitlyn Keyt came up with an ingenious concoction, in her kitchen, of crushed crystals, gem stones, black tourmaline, essential oils and "flubber." When it drys the flubber puts pressure on the crystals and that causes them to discharge a harmonious Piezo current which heals and grounds us! They never wear out and are versatile for many uses! With this flubbery material called Mud Mat or Squishies you can charge your water, balance your food energy, decrease inflammation, decrease pain, etc!

I spent 3 days going over everything Kaitlyn has to offer and whittled it down to few well selected items geared towards relieving pain, inflammation, anxiety and to help with oral health, skin care, hydration and EMF protection.

Take the stress out of choosing from scads of options and visit:

#Piezocurrent #cyrstals #infrared #essentialoil #pain #balance #grounding

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