How to Use Homeopathy

1) Determine if the condition is something that you could/should treat.

2) Does the condition need a physician or require emergency room care?

If "Yes" it might be a good idea to seek medical assistance IMMEDIATELY!

3) Is it truly acute, or is it a flare-up of a chronic condition?

If chronic, seek care from a professional homeopath.

If it is an acute observe the symptoms. Pay special attention to any that are unusual or exceptionally strong. Notice whether there has been a change in mood and what behaviors or environmental factors seem to make symptoms better or worse. You may want to write your observations down.

Next, take your list of symptoms and compare it to the descriptions of the remedies for that

illness. Choose the remedy that most closely fits the symptoms (keeping in mind that not

every symptom has to match.)

Once you have selected the remedy, give one dose ( 3-5 pellets) under the tongue and then WAIT and OBSERVE. If there is no improvement at all within 2 hrs give a second dose.

Note that if you are dosing for an emotional upset wait 24 hrs.

If after 3 doses there is no change then it is likely time to try a different remedy or contact

a healthcare professional.

Don’t give up if your symptoms don’t improve with the first remedy. It sometimes takes a couple of tries to find the “best match” remedy for your symptoms – especially if you’re new to homeopathy. If you continue to have difficulty finding the right remedy for your symptoms, make sure to consult a homeopathic professional.

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