Revealing Video! Mercury Vapors Generated During a Dental Amalgam Filling Removal

Typically, in most dental schools it’s been taught that mercury is trapped within the matrix of the [dental] amalgam. And so, therefore, we’re trying to visualize here and prove the fact that there’s a significant amount that comes off during the mixing, during the packing, and then we’ll have some teeth with the amalgam that’s been set for a while, and we’re going to be removing that with a high-speed dental drill in order to visualize how much vapor comes off during that procedure as well. The American Dental Association has made the argument that mercury is fixed in amalgam fillings and it doesn’t come out easily. And what this research that we’re doing here visually shows is that when you drill on an amalgam filling that dramatically exposes the patient and the dentist and the dental technician to huge amounts of mercury vapor that enters the body, it’s even worse than what they imagined.

#Mercury #silverfillings #amalagamremoval

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