Mold & RoundUp Detox

Feeling overwhelmed on what to do or how to start? I put together an organized flow chart with the bullet points on how to detox mold in the body and RoundUp (glyphosate). For your convenience, I have put an "*" by all sulfur containing foods and supplements in case you are sulfur sensitive. In some cases, taking molybdenum helps. Consult your doctor.

Keeping the drainage areas open is important. That means the bowels are moving 1-3 times daily, the kidneys are producing urine, breathing is deep and relaxed and the lymph is being moved by walking or by using a vibration platform or by using a rebounder (mini-trampoline). Sweating is a wonderful way to detox. Properly sourced coffee (low mold) for a coffee enema is also a great way to detox the liver. Herbs like Dandelion and Barberry help detox the liver and kidneys.

Hope this brings some clarity to this, somewhat, complex issue. Happy detoxing!

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