NanoVi Anti-Aging and Healing

Breathe your way to rejuvination and healing!

How does NanoVi™ technology work?

Whether addressing an illness or maximizing vitality and quality of life, improving cellular activity helps counteract the damage of oxidative stress, which is implicated in the aging process and most diseases. Since the incidence of chronic diseases is on the rise, reducing oxidative stress damage is increasingly important for health and performance.

The NanoVi ™ device helps protect and reinstate essential protein functions. Loss of proper protein function results from oxidative stress and is the underlying cause of aging and chronic diseases. Water is known to play a key role in enabling proteins to fold into the structures that are required for proper function. NanoVi technology uses the special properties of water (exclusion zone or EZ water) to influence protein folding, which in turn improves cellular function.

Water droplets in a humidified air stream are exposed to a specific bio-identical signal as they pass through excitation units inside the NanVi divice. This EZ-enhanced humidity is inhaled either using a touch-free delivery system or a nasal cannula. Thanks to the effects of NanoVi device are transferred from the EZ droplets, through the mucous membrane, to all proteins in all cells. NanoVi technology boost naturally occurring biological repair process to improve cellular activities in general.

So, in simple terms, inhaling "ordered" water droplets helps our cells work efficiently. It helps lower inflammation, reverse DNA damage and improve recovery from living in a toxic world, over exertion and/or injuries.

RN Shares Expertise & Oxygen Sats in Personal Use

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