Did You Know Your Heart Can Tell You If It's Thirsty?

It's true! What an age we live in! What if I told you there is an instrument called the Heart Sound Recorder that records the sound of blood going through the heart and that it could tell us if you were dehydrated, if you were low in B vitamins, if there was sludgy blood, if your adrenals need support and more?! It's a beautiful thing! It takes just one minute, is painless and hassle free.

The microphone, that looks like an Oreo cookie, is placed over your shirt in 4 different locations. Four 15 second recordings are taken and then the recording is printed out on a piece of paper. Appropriate solutions are highlighted and off you go! What's great about it is that, unlike an EKG that picks up damage that has already happened, the Heart Sound Recorder picks up info before things become an issue. Food based supplements, from Standard Process, nurture gently and restore us to our hearty self! And as you know, we can't separate your heart from the rest of your body. So... what's good for your heart is good for the rest of you, too!

Call for an appointment. You will be glad you did!

Anna Strong RN, CCH

Phone 208|518|8411

Integrative Wellness Center

Remedy Works

579 Hayden Ave.

Hayden, ID 83835

Open M-F from 9-5 by appointment only

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