All I can say is WOW!, after my first session with Anna Strong!
She is a very caring, kind and knowledgeable practitioner and came very
highly recommended by people I know and love.
That night after seeing Anna, I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in years!
I’ve had some pretty serious difficulty for 10 years and she was able to pinpoint
my health issues in one day and give not only good solid information, but had
everything I needed right there. I didn’t have to run all over town and
hunt it down myself. She explained things to me in a way that I could understand and
has given me great hope.
Thank you, Anna Strong and Remedy Works!


Anna is one of the most committed practitioners I have ever been treated by. She has a wide and extensive knowledge gained over many years incorporating numerous modalities. She works tirelessly to solve health problems and optimise health. I can recommend her wholeheartedly!!

Linda W

Anna is a wealth of knowledge and a very caring and compassionate person!

Sue B


My sister is a client of Anna’s and recommended Anna to me even though I live in a different state.  I have suffered with debilitating headaches for many years, causing missed days at work, hours in bed and much pain.  Through a thorough work up and customized remedies my headaches are now less frequent and less bothersome.  It is like the remedies have helped break the cycle of pain so that healing at the source can come.  Anna is very knowledgeable, pleasant and easy to work with.  I am so grateful I chose to have her work with me.  Some days now I forget just how bad the headaches used to be and what a shadow they used to cast on my life.  

Tickled in Texas


Anna is amazing! I've been struggling with health issues for many years without help or hope of getting better with western HMO docs. I've even been telling them for two years there's something wrong with my heart and they wouldn't listen.

The first time I met Anna, I was a little skeptical of the homeopathic world. I didn't tell her about my heart issues to see if she could spot anything. Right off the bat the Heart Sound Recorder scan showed that the tricuspid valve could use some nutritional support! I knew right there this gal was going to do things health-wise no one else had been able to.

In the eight months since I started seeing Anna, my health has dramatically improved!! Her instruments find the problems and she fine tunes what supplements I need to reach each level of better health. I didn't know I could feel so strong and healthy!

I recommend Anna Strong at Remedy Works stronger than words can convey. I return every chance I get, not because I have to but because of her passion to heal. She has the drive to find out what's wrong and to find out how best to treat it. It's good to feel good!!



Hi, this is wonderful place, starting with Anna and her treatments, I had legs pain, shoulder pain, neck pain...all was gone in a week, I love to see Anna, also I have deep grief my husband passed away, I'm getting better, I like Trinifinity8. Thank you Anna for being checking me to recovery, wonderful I found you.



My 17 month old started a pattern of waking often. As soon as we put him down asleep he would wake up. I'm into homeopathy and called for a consult which Anna was able to do over the phone. We settled on a remedy and thank heavens he slept last night until 4:09 this morning and then until 8!! 

Suzanne B


I just feel better.

Jared T


The muscle spasm  stuff Anna gave me really works! By the time I got home the spasms stopped and I forgot about my headache! Amazing!



I have noticed that inflammation in my hands is substantially reduced, as is my sprain ankle!!! No headache and I'm in less pain. All good news!! The first picture was from yesterday morning and the second picture is right now.




I had seen so many doctors for heavy menses and no one could help. Anna listened to my case and chose a homeopathic remedy for me that worked like a miracle! I am not longer housebound at that time of the month. Thank you!

Susanna S.